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New Collection of over 600 Picture Postcards of the Great Kantō Earthquake (1923)

Japanese Studies at the Libraries has recently acquired a vast collection of postcards showing scenes from the Great Kantō Earthquake (関東大地震 Kantō daijishin). With over 600 in the set, the photographic images on the face of the cards provide an in-depth look at the progress and ensuing destruction, including the tragic deaths of an estimated 100,000 to 140,000 people, of this historic event. The postcards are in good condition and offer a valuable window on the many sites, from Tokyo to Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, and other prefectures on the Kantō Plain, affected by this disaster.

Sample Postcard Showing the Earthquake’s Destruction in Isezakichō, a district of Naka Ward in Yokohama

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Hakubunkan’s Taiyō (1895-1928) full text!

The Libraries’ subscription for access to Meiji-era issues of Taiyō (太陽), published by Hakubunkan (博文館) during 1895-1928, is now set up, with access available for Ohio State faculty, students and staff: http://library.ohio-state.edu/record=b7114669~S7

Taiyo 3:12 (June 1897) exhibited at Yamaguchi Prefectural Library

Published by Hakubunkan during January 1895 to February 1928 in 34 volumes (531 issues; 175,000 pages), Taiyō (The Sun) was Japan’s first general interest popular magazine. Continue reading