Month: November 2013

English Language sources for Japanese news in Access World News Research Collection

The Libraries has recently started subscribing to Access World News Research Collection, offering access to more than 5,000 newspapers around the world. This includes six English language sources from Japan:

  1. Daily Yomiuri, The/The Yomiuri Shimbun 07/27/2001-03/31/2013 Tokyo Newspapers
  2. International Herald Tribune-Asahi Shimbun 12/22/2001-Current Tokyo Newspapers
  3. Japan Times, The 01/01/1999-Current Tokyo Newspapers
  4. JCN Network 12/19/2005-Current Tokyo Newswires
  5. JIJI 07/03/2004-Current Japan Newswires
  6. Kyodo News International, Inc. 04/29/2004-Current Tokyo Newswires

Moreover, Access World News Research Collection includes many other important sources such as The Financial Times (London) and newspapers from many Asian countries, providing in-depth coverage of Japanese news.

Japanese news in Factiva

Factiva, a database published by Dow Jones & Reuters, is a major source for Japanese news!

I really applaud Factiva for including so many Japanese (and other language) sources which are listed below! To access Japanese language sources, just search in Japanese characters. Continue reading