Month: January 2008

Presentation on blogging

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I gave a presentation on blogging as part Ohio State University Libraries’ series, Click! Technology and Libraries in Action. The handout is available online now: Blogging: Join the Conversation!

Nihon no Bijutsu

Nihon no Bijutsu No. 68 cover
Nihon no Bijutsu No. 68

Update to my earlier post about this journal Nihon no Bijutsu — Translation of titles of each issue —– We’ve moved the project to translate all the issue titles to the Japanese Studies Wiki!!

Japan’s efforts against global warming (Wiki)

Global warming has been one of the “hottest” issues for the last two decades. Japan has been making efforts to tackle the new goal of 6% reduction of greenhouse gas, after failing to achieve the previous goal set by the Kyoto protocol.

Here are the links to the Japanese websites on global warming–national, regional, and private. The sites are mostly in Japanese, but there are some visual resources available.

NHK documentary: Project X (Wiki update)

Project X is a series of NHK documentary shows that focus on the great achievements in Japan, ranging from science and technology to sports and social affairs.

Part of OSU library collection have been introduced with subcategories relating technology and science. The links to the related Shashi (Company History) Wiki entries are updated.

Contributions to East Asian Information Literacy Project

My role has been focused on training everyone, but I made a few pages since the last report (9/28/2007). One brought together links about Japanese American internment camps to help with programming for the 2008 Day of Remembrance commemorating Toyo Suyemoto and featuring readings by Lawson Inada. Also, I put some pages together for the Japanese 800 course on research and bibliography for Japanese studies, and edited a few existing pages related to that course. Links to some of the pages are listed here. There’s a lot more to be done!! Continue reading