Month: October 2014

Focus on Rekion : Introduction

Rekion Poster

The Ohio State University Library is proud to announce a new resource: 歴史的音源 the Japanese Historical Recordings Collection (Rekion). Compiled by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) in cooperation with the National Diet Library (NDL), this archive consists of approximately 50,000 digitized recordings from 1900-1950. A fraction of these recordings are available to the public through the National Diet Library Online Collections, but the majority of material is only available through libraries who have been granted special access. This year, OSU became the first (and currently the only) location in North America to be granted access to this database: Continue reading

History of Art 4001 bibliography presentation

HA 4001 Bibliography presentation October 15, 2014

Hint: Stay consistent in one system of romanization! (However – Search in multiple ways!! )
Libraries follow the Library of Congress.
Many systems have been and continue to be used:

2. GENERAL: OSU Libraries’ collections – Fine Arts, Thompson, Book Depository, etc
Fine Arts Library:
Japanese: http//

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