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古典文庫総目錄 (1991): 2d FL  Z3308.L5 Y67 1991
古典文庫総目錄 : 続 (2003): 2d FL  Z3308.L5 Y67 2003

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Selected Resources for Japanese 8500 class: Western language Bibliographies for Japanese studies

History 7405 class: Introduction to Graduate Level East Asian Studies

I am presenting resources for students in the East Asian Studies MA program today with my colleague, David Lincove. David’s material is posted in the course guides section of the History Resources pages:

1.  Associations, conferences:

International Congress of Orientalists
Name change No. 30-31: International Congress of Human Sciences in Asia and North Africa
Name change No. 32-38:  International Congress for Asian and North African Studies (ICANAS)

  1.  I (1873) Paris
  2.  II (1874) London
  3. III (1876) St Petersburg
  4.  IV (1878) Florence
  5.  V (1881) Berlin Continue reading