Month: March 2008

Handout for CJM presentation 4/3/2008

CEAL Committee on Japanese Materials
“Japanese Collections as Learning Centers: Connecting Users with Libraries through Web 2.0 Technologies”
Maureen Donovan & Shirin Eshghi
Atlanta, April 3, 2008
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Libworld: library and library related blogs

There’s a fascinating series of postings about library blogs at the Infobib blog, including a review of Biblioblogs in Japan by Sho Sato and katz3 that includes links to a list of 51 Japanese biblioblogs. All I can say is “Wow!”

UBC Japanese collection blog

Today I was specifically looked for blogging by Japanese studies librarians. I quickly found Shirin Eshghi’s blog at UBC Continue reading

Blogging at East Asian library collections

Getting ready for my upcoming presentation at the Council on East Asian Libraries on “Scholarly Communication and Patron Services,” I set out today to see who’s blogging at East Asian collections. Continue reading