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History of Art 4001 bibliography presentation

HA 4001 Bibliography presentation October 15, 2014

Hint: Stay consistent in one system of romanization! (However – Search in multiple ways!! )
Libraries follow the Library of Congress.
Many systems have been and continue to be used:

2. GENERAL: OSU Libraries’ collections – Fine Arts, Thompson, Book Depository, etc
Fine Arts Library:
Japanese: http//

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Exhibit: World Perspectives on the Great War



The exhibit “World Perspectives on the Great War” in the Thompson Library Exhibit Gallery (first floor) includes cases highlighting selected materials from the Libraries’ Area Studies collections. The exhibit is open through September 7th.

The Japan case presents two original WWI-era Japanese games (双六), along with board game reproductions of them that are set up for interactive play on a table in the exhibit area.

Come by to play these games and experience that era!

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Japanese e-resources workshop on Friday!

 Where:  Thompson Library Rm 352        When: Friday, April 11, 1:00-3:00

April is the season when many Japanese e-resource and web site providers upgrade their offerings. Attend this workshop and gain information on:

Bring your questions related to digital resources from Japan. For more information, or if the scheduled time for this workshop is not convenient, contact Maureen Donovan, Japanese Studies Librarian at, or Amy Hwang, East Asian Studies Program Assistant at Additional workshops or individual consultations can be setup by request.

Art in Taiwan

Below is a copy of a handout from today’s bibliography session in History of Art 5002 (Art of Taiwan).  I want to highlight one specialized bibliography (in addition to the general ones listed below) — What a great resource!

* Taiwan bibliography:

Chang, Yu-Chun; Wang, I-Chun; and Tötösy de Zepetnek, Steven. “Bibliography for the Study of Cultural Discourse in Taiwan.” CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture (Library) (2010):

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English Language sources for Japanese news in Access World News Research Collection

The Libraries has recently started subscribing to Access World News Research Collection, offering access to more than 5,000 newspapers around the world. This includes six English language sources from Japan:

  1. Daily Yomiuri, The/The Yomiuri Shimbun 07/27/2001-03/31/2013 Tokyo Newspapers
  2. International Herald Tribune-Asahi Shimbun 12/22/2001-Current Tokyo Newspapers
  3. Japan Times, The 01/01/1999-Current Tokyo Newspapers
  4. JCN Network 12/19/2005-Current Tokyo Newswires
  5. JIJI 07/03/2004-Current Japan Newswires
  6. Kyodo News International, Inc. 04/29/2004-Current Tokyo Newswires

Moreover, Access World News Research Collection includes many other important sources such as The Financial Times (London) and newspapers from many Asian countries, providing in-depth coverage of Japanese news.

Japanese news in Factiva

Factiva, a database published by Dow Jones & Reuters, is a major source for Japanese news!

I really applaud Factiva for including so many Japanese (and other language) sources which are listed below! To access Japanese language sources, just search in Japanese characters. Continue reading

Japanese Literature: Collections

Tokyo Metropolitan Library Guides:

Major Collectanea:

古典文庫総目錄 (1991): 2d FL  Z3308.L5 Y67 1991
古典文庫総目錄 : 続 (2003): 2d FL  Z3308.L5 Y67 2003

Hard copy: Thompson 2d FL:
CD-ROM in OSU Libraries:
(NOTE: There is a new DVD version: )


Online Resources:



Selected Resources for Japanese 8500 class: Western language Bibliographies for Japanese studies

Japanese newspaper subscriptions at OSU

Here are the current Japanese newspaper subscriptions — with complete historical coverage in most cases:


Japanese Dictionary Apps

Here are a few Japanese dictionary apps:

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