Below is a copy of a handout from today’s bibliography session in History of Art 5002 (Art of Taiwan).  I want to highlight one specialized bibliography (in addition to the general ones listed below) — What a great resource!

* Taiwan bibliography:

Chang, Yu-Chun; Wang, I-Chun; and Tötösy de Zepetnek, Steven. “Bibliography for the Study of Cultural Discourse in Taiwan.” CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture (Library) (2010):


Bibliography and Research Methods for Art of Taiwan


1.  ROMANIZATION: Hint: Stay consistent in one system of romanization!

Japanese:       Libraries use Modified Hepburn romanization,

LC’s hints:

   Many systems are used to romanize Japanese.   Search in multiple ways:


Chinese:  Libraries use Pinyin romanization, but previously used Wade-Giles.

How to tell the difference?

LC’s hints:



Fine Arts Library: information on searching Art and History of Art:


Japanese Studies Library: wiki project includes Japanese art history information–



            List of Journals:

            Index of Nihon no Bijutsu: (monthly journal, with each issue on a particular topic)





JAANUS   Japanese Architecture and Art Net Users System



Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan (DS805 .K633 1983  – Thompson Lib Grand R Rm)

Online: in Japan Knowledge

Click “ENTER” button (upper R); uncheck all boxes except Encyclopedia of Japan

CD-ROM version available for check out: DS805 .E53 1999 Computer file

Encyclopedia of Religion.



* Catalogs:

      Ohio State’s Library catalog:


OCLC Worldcat  or  


*OCLC statistics:


* Indexes:

Bibliography for Asian Studies  

Online version covers 1971+

Use printed bibliographies for earlier years – for example:

Cumulative bibliography of Asian studies, 1966-1970

(THO Grand R Rm: Z3001.C83 1966 -1970 (author) + Z3001.C84 1966 -1970 (subject) )

Cumulative BAS, 1941-1965 (THO Grand R Rm: Z3001.C8 (author) + Z3001.C82 (subject) )

Cordier. Bibliotheca Sinica  (China: 1904-1924) (THO Grand R Rm: Z3101 C8 1904A)

Lust. Index Sinicus. (China 1920-1955) (THO Grand R Rm: Z3101 L8)

Nachod (Japan: 1906-1937) (THO Grand R Rm: Z3301 .W462 + Z3301 .W463 )

Wenckstern (Japan: 1859-1906) (THO Grand R Rm: Z3301 .W46 1998)


Google Scholar indexes papers, not journals — follow citations to works of interest


Research databases list:

Web of Science Citation Databases General search + Cited reference search + Advanced search    **tutorials available! 

* Dissertations

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses    (Contains citations for dissertations and theses done at U.S., Canadian and some foreign institutions.) Free PDFs of all dissertations published since 1997 and select pre-1997 dissertations.)