Manuscript Collections on Microform in the HRL

Below is a list of the primarily Slavic Cyrillic manuscript and early printed book collections on microform in the Hilandar Research Library. Click on a link and you will either be directed to the item descriptions in the online catalog of OSU Libraries, or you will land on a finding aid document for a collection that has not yet been entered into Libraries' online catalog. Some collections may be listed twice - indicating that the collection is not fully described in the online catalog.   

*For those manuscripts that have been described online, you may search for a particular manuscript by inputting the corresponding "SPEC" number provided for each collection below, followed by the manuscript number.

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*Biblioteka Matice srpske Slavic manuscript collection (Novi Sad) SPEC.NS.

*Borgiani illirici manuscript collection (Vatican City) SPEC.BORG.ILLIR.

British Library Manuscripts (London) SPEC.BL.

*Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Slavic manuscript collection SPEC.BAN.

*Bulgarian National Library "Cyril and Methodius" Slavonic manuscript collection SPEC.BNL.


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*Early Printed Book Collection. Zernova (Russia) SPEC.Zernova.


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*Fekula collection SPEC.FEKULA.

Bibliography includes:
The Paul M. Fekula Collection: A Catalogue
Matejic, Mateja. Slavic Manuscripts from the Fekula Collection: A Description.
Sotheby's Catalogue: Russian Manuscripts from the Fourteenth to the Nineteenth Century from the Paul M. Fekula Collection....


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*Great Lavra Monastery "Z" (non-Byzantine) manuscript collection (Mount Athos) SPEC.GLZ.

*Greek Orthodox Patriarchate (Jerusalem) Slavonic collection


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*Hilandar Monastery Byzantine document collection (Mount Athos) SPEC.HM.BDC.

*Hilandar Monastery Slavic document collection (Mount Athos) SPEC.HM.SDC.

*Hilandar Monastery Slavic manuscript collection (Mount Athos) SPEC.HM.SMS.


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*Iveron Monastery Slavic manuscript collection (Mount Athos) SPEC.IVERON.


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*Rila Monastery manuscript collection (Bulgaria) SPEC.RILA.


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*Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai, Slavonic collection SPEC.SINAI.

*Saint Panteleimon Monastery manuscript collection (Mount Athos) SPEC.PAN.

*Saratov State University Research Library collection (Russia) SPEC.SGU.

*Serbian Orthodox Church in Hungary collection SPEC.SZEN.SOCH.

*Serbian Orthodox Church in Hungary, Grabovac Monastery manuscript collection SPEC.SZEN.GRA.

*Serbian Orthodox Church in Hungary, Szentendre collection SPEC.SZEN.SA.


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Tver State University Research Library collection (Russia) SPEC.TGU.


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*Uppsala University Library Slavic manuscript collection (Sweden) SPEC.UPP.


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*Vatican Slavic manuscript collection (Vatican City) SPEC.VATICAN.SLAV.


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*Zograf Monastery Slavic manuscript collection (Mount Athos) SPEC.ZOG.