Content and Access

Photograph of Damon Jaggars
Damon Jaggars
Vice Provost and Dean

For Ohio State University faculty, staff, and students, the Content and Access division enables seamless discovery, and digital and physical use of University Libraries collections – now and into the future. Content and Access maintains resources to facilitate knowledge and culture sharing curated and preserved by University Libraries to advance:

  • Innovative research, creative expression, transformative teaching, and effective learning.
  • Collaborative collection development and management in partnership with other libraries in the state, region, and nation.
  • Empowered knowledge creators leveraging the collections of University Libraries.

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Access Services

Access Services helps facilitate the seamless delivery and circulation of University Libraries’ content, services, and resources. Through circulation desks at each Ohio State main campus location, real-time chat, email, and consultation, Access Services enrich users’ library experience by serving as an initial point-of-contact to help users navigate a dynamic information landscape successfully.

Acquisitions and Discovery

Acquisitions and Discovery facilitates users’ seamless discovery of University Libraries collections to ensure worldwide search-ability and accessibility.

Acquisitions and Discovery supports relationships with campus stakeholders, donors and other external partners to purchase and license resources that reflect the university’s teaching and research needs. Acquisitions and Discovery leverages national and international standards of content description to develop descriptive search tools and to present the unique qualities and contextual importance of the exceptional collections and resources curated by University Libraries.

Collections Strategy

Collections Strategy coordinates the purposeful development and management of University Libraries’ collections for current and future scholarship, and transformative teaching and learning.

In collaboration with the Libraries' subject librarians, curators, staff members, academic department liaisons, and key stakeholders, Collections Strategy contributes to:

  • Assessing collection strengths and gaps.
  • Budgeting for and selecting materials in all formats.
  • Creating and enhancing consortia arrangements within the state, region, and other academic research libraries.

Preservation and Digitization

To enable opportunities for Ohio State communities and global users to leverage University Libraries’ collections, Preservation and Digitization partners with University Libraries’ departments, university academic units, content creators, and collection donors to preserve holding items, prepare materials for circulation and collection placement, and digitize collections items.

Scholarly Sharing

Scholarly Sharing supports Ohio State faculty, staff, researchers, and students as they create, publish, and share their scholarly work. Scholarly Sharing promotes new models for sharing and disseminating scholarly works to advance research, creative expression, teaching and learning.

University Libraries’ Copyright Services supports understanding and appropriate application of copyright law to help advance transformative teaching, effective learning, innovative research, and creative expression by Ohio State faculty, staff, students and scholars.