Article Express

Article Express provides electronic delivery of journal articles to faculty and staff employed by the university as well as to our graduate and undergraduate students in degree-granting programs. The online request form can be used to obtain articles from both Ohio State and non-Ohio State collections.  Most article and chapter scans take approximately 1 to 3 days for electronic delivery.

Making a Request

* Before making your request, check the Online Journals List first for immediate full text availability.

Log in to ILLiad (the interlibrary loan request management site) below. Under Make a Request, click the Article Express link and fill out the online request form. Use a DOI to auto-populate the form, or manually type into the boxes a complete, accurate citation without abbreviations. Provide an OCLC or ISSN number whenever possible. When you have completed your request information, click the "Submit Request" button.

Please fill out a separate request form for each article that you want. Do not submit several items on one request.

Register or log in to ILLiad using the red button below.  ILLiad accepts the same Ohio State login used for other university services. 

Requesting Through Find It!

Request articles directly from our research databases using the Find It! button. If online access does not already exist, a new browser window will open, and you can use the "Request via Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)" link to log on to ILLiad where citation information will already be filled in for you. To complete your request, click the "Submit Request" button. 

Delivery and Timeframe

Scans made from the Ohio State University Libraries print collections are usually filled within 1 to 3 business days; however, scans obtained from non-Ohio State collections may take longer. Users will receive an email message with a link to ILLiad where they can log into their account and view or print the article PDF. 

Limits on Requests

Please be as judicious as possible in submitting requests.

Our office may refuse to accept a request if, in our judgment, fulfillment of the request would exceed Fair Use standards or involve a violation of Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code).

We reserve the right to determine the amount of articles we will obtain from a particular journal title not in the Ohio State University Libraries collection before a copyright royalty fee (as much as $103 per article) is paid to the journal publisher. Our office will subsidize up to $60 in copyright fees per patron each year. If your requests will involve any co-payment of copyright fees, we will contact you prior to obtaining the articles.

Our Interlibrary Loan Copyright Compliance Policy outlines our procedures and commitment to abiding by Federal Copyright Law.