Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Ohio State University Libraries strives to provide welcoming, supportive environments for all to pursue and share knowledge. University Libraries is guided by the following strategic priorities which facilitate, celebrate and honor diversity, inclusion, access and social justice.

  • Open content to expanded access to the essential information and resources of University Libraries.
  • Increased outreach to underserved communities through partnership, collaboration and support.
  • Enhanced programming to promote engagement, cross-culture information exchange, and diversity within the university and the librarian profession.

IDEAS - Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Social Justice Committee

The IDEAS Committee (formerly the Diversity and Inclusion Committee) – recognized by the university with a 2017 Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award – advises on policies, provides recommendations and maintains programs designed to advance a culture of diversity, inclusion, access and social justice. Since 1989, the IDEAS Committee has demonstrated a commitment to enhancing diversity at Ohio State University.

Outreach and Engagement

To expand the Libraries’ outreach and engagement initiatives among underserved university and local community populations, in 2017 University Libraries developed the Outreach and Engagement program. Through Outreach and Engagement we facilitate and expand partnerships and collaborations which connect patrons with the Libraries, its content, resources and people.

Diversity Residency Program

Since 1989, the University Libraries Mary P. Key Diversity Residency Program has helped increase the diversity of librarians, support recent graduates’ professional development, and help librarians transition to academic research librarianship. Each two-year diversity resident receives hands-on experience in most areas of the University Libraries' operations, public and technical services, as well as administration.