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Welcome! If you are looking for guidance on how to utilize the resources of The Ohio State University Libraries or need support for teaching research or information literacy concepts, you are in the right place. These pages are intended to:  

  • provide guidance for incorporating library and open educational resources into your course planning. 
  • provide “ready to share” instructional resources that you can quickly incorporate into your courses.

You will find a range of different types of resources, including videos, handouts and Carmen modules. If you have questions about the resources on this site or need additional guidance on integrating library, information literacy or open educational resources into your course, contact


Affordable Educational Resources

Discover the spectrum of affordable educational resource options available to you at Ohio State. Learn how to find, evaluate and integrate affordable educational resources into your courses. Explore Open Pedagogy to enhance your teaching practice and engage your students actively in their coursework.    

Integrate Libraries Resources  

Help your students gain familiarity with The Ohio State University Library system with “ready to share” resources that will teach your students how to utilize our catalog, navigate databases, discover eBook collections and more all in a short, easily embeddable video format. 

Teach Research and Information Literacy  

Find “ready to share” instructional resources, such as short videos, that you can use to support student learning related to research and information literacy. Resources are available for helping students to select search tools, develop a research question and evaluate and cite information sources. 

Carmen Course Modules  

Explore our collection of Carmen modules and assignment support resources that you can download and utilize in your courses. Resources can be used as-is or adapted to fit your context. These resources are intended to teach your students the essentials on topics such as source evaluation or advanced searching.   

University Libraries Teaching Support  

Find information on additional resources and services available through the University Libraries to support your teaching.   

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These pages are monitored by the University Libraries Teaching & Learning Department. In addition to selecting and creating resources for this site, we provide workshops, resources and consultations that support the effective teaching of information literacy and the integration of library and open educational resources. For help or questions, contact us at  

Accessibility and Licensing Statement  

To our best ability and knowledge, the objects contained within these pages meet the expected accessibility standards of the university. All videos are captioned, and word and pdf documents either meet the standards or have an acceptable substitution available in tandem.  

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