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GIS & Mapping

Photograph of Joshua Sadvari

Meet the Expert:

Joshua Sadvari is the Geospatial Information Librarian at The Ohio State University Libraries. In this role, Sadvari is responsible for developing and delivering educational activities to support the use of geographic information systems (GIS) in research and teaching and for acting as a project consultant for faculty, staff, and students from all disciplines who are working with geospatial data, methods, and tools. Through his work, Sadvari saves researchers time by connecting them with appropriate geospatial information resources at their point of need and helps them to effectively use GIS in impactful ways in their scholarship.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can be a powerful research tool for analyzing and visualizing geospatial data and solving problems across a wide range of disciplines. Through the Research Commons, researchers can get assistance with:

  •  Finding and creating geospatial data sets
  •  Cleaning, organizing, and managing geospatial data
  •  Designing and carrying out spatial analyses based on your research question
  •  Mapping and geovisualization;
  •  Identifying appropriate GIS methods, tools, and software for your research project
  •  Training for a variety of GIS tools and web-based mapping platforms

If you have questions about using GIS in your research or would like to discuss project ideas or projects already in progress, email Josh ( to schedule a consultation appointment. If you are looking for geospatial data for a research project or course assignment, please visit the new and improved Geospatial Data guide as a starting point.