Research Commons

Data Visualization

Meet the Experts:

Photograph of Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy is the data literacy and visualization librarian and a professor at The Ohio State University Libraries. Murphy helps individuals and teams communicate effectively using various analytics and visualization tools. She is a passionate about Tableau and shares her expertise with students and researchers across the university. Murphy offers data visualization workshops, consultations, critiques, and training through the Research Commons.

Murphy can help you to:

  • Find data to visualize
  • Clean and structure your data for efficient and effective analysis and/or visualization
  • Identify 2-3 graphs or charts that will most effectively present your data
  • Select the best data visualization tool for your project, timeframe, and skillset
  • Apply data visualization best practices
  • Expand your data visualization skillset through
    • curated data visualization books, blogs, and training videos
    • data visualization bootcamps and workshops, including:
      • Introduction to Data Visualization
      • Tableau for Research
      • Tableau and Surveys
      • Introduction to R (in development)
      • Introduction to python (in development)
  • Document your processes for preparing, analyzing, and visualizing your data