OSU Records Management

The Ohio State University’s Records Management program provides information and guidance on the management, retention, and disposition of official university records. While all faculty and staff at Ohio State are required to comply with the University’s Records Management Policy, Records Management staff is available for consultation and advice.

University Records Management includes the following services:

  • Assistance with retention schedule development or updates
  • Approval of records destructions
  • Consultation on a variety of topics including basic procedures, managing email, organizing electronic records, digital imaging, record-keeping system procurement, and more
  •  In-person training opportunities
  •  OnBase/EDM mapping between retention schedules and document types


The Goal of OSU’s Records Management Program is to establish a systematic, repeatable, documented process for the retention and disposition of records created and maintained by The Ohio State University.


The purpose of records management is to:

  • Ensure that records are available when they are needed
    • Internally to support university functions
    • In response to public records requests
    • In response to litigation
  • Protect records from improper or unauthorized destruction or deletion
    • In accordance with Ohio law or the rules of discovery
  • Ensure that records are not retained unnecessarily
    • Retaining records too long can be as much of a liability as not retaining them long enough


Implementing Appropriate Records Management provides benefits such as:

  • Transparency in Government
  • Defensibility and decreased risk of litigation
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Saved resources such as space, costs, and time

Please contact the University Registrar for access to the following records:
Course BulletinsEnrollment Statistics, and Student Records 
Please contact the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University for access to your Medical Records