Course Reserves

What are Course Reserves?

Course Reserves is a borrowing program that acquires and lends required and requested OSU course materials for the purposes of affordability and access. Instructors can use Course Reserves to reduce their students' cost of education by filing a Course Reserves Request Form with their desired location.

What Can Be Placed on Reserve?

Most OSU Library owned materials can be placed on reserve including books, journals, DVDs, or reference materials. There are however some exceptions:

Items that are checked-out to other patrons will be recalled.

Reproductions are unable to be placed on reserve due to copyright restrictions. This includes photocopies of book chapters or journal articles, films burned onto DVD, or similar materials. You can contact Copyright Services to find out more about educational use of intellectual property.

Personal copies of materials can be placed on reserve without any restriction (assuming they aren’t reproductions). If you own a copy of a DVD or book, that should be able to be placed on course reserves without any issue. Please note that any personal items given to the libraries for Course Reserves purposes will be marked with a semi-permanent barcode and course identification card inside the front cover.