Meet Student Employee Scholarship Recipient Jacob Fields

A portrait of Jacob Fields. He is looking into the camera and smiling.

Working for University Libraries, Jacob Fields has gained skills that will equip him for future endeavors. Fields is a labeling student assistant at the Libraries Tech Center and has found his University Libraries work experience to be invaluable. We interviewed Fields, one of nine recipients of the 2022 University Libraries Student Employee Scholarship, about himself, his work experience and his advice to other students. 

Tell us a bit about yourself!  

My name is Jacob Fields, and I am a second-year atmospheric sciences major. I’m from Cincinnati, and I am the secretary for both the Meteorology Club and Scarlet & Gray Forecasting, as well as the operations officer for Chi Epsilon Pi, a national honors society for atmospheric science students. After graduating, I plan on working with the National Weather Service. 

What initially drew you to working with University Libraries as a student employee? 

I’ve always had respect for books and thought that working at the Libraries Tech Center (LTC) would be a nice way to make money in a way that I could enjoy. I think libraries are important, so working with University Libraries was something I could really see myself getting into. 

What is something you’ve learned by working for University Libraries? 

I’ve really been able to gain experience working in a professional environment. I’ve worked with coworkers in the past, but never in an office setup like the LTC. This job has allowed me to improve my professional communication and teamwork skills, which I’m extremely grateful to have going into my future career. 

How will this scholarship impact your time as a student at Ohio State? 

This scholarship means a lot to me, as it allows me to overcome some of the financial challenges keeping me from pursuing internships, volunteer opportunities and other experience-building programs. 

What would you say to other students who are considering working for University Libraries? 

If you’re looking for a job at Ohio State, working for University Libraries is, in my experience, one of the best options available. They’re flexible to your needs as a student, everyone is friendly and supportive and the work is very manageable. Overall, I’ve had a great time working for University Libraries.