Girl Scouts of the USA – Troop 303 Hastings Middle School!

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Our gift to you this weekend is even more eternally-inspiration photos of our most recent visit from the Girl Scouts of the USA! Troop 303 of the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland Council came by from Hastings Middle School to earn their Cadette Comic Artist Badge by learning all about women in comics, methods of self-publishing, re-purposing materials, and storytelling techniques. As usual, the afternoon culminated in each Junior Girl Scout producing an amazing 8 page comic out of one sheet of paper. To learn more about our involvement with the Girl Scouts of America in the Cartoon Library, visit our past posts here and here.

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The Girls poured over dozens of mini-comics, Stephenny Godfrey’s epic fold-out comic Panorama being an especially big hit with this group. Click to enlarge the images below!

Reeling with ideas, they set to work on their comics, some girls even finishing two or three during our session!

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Congratulations to the awesome cartoonists of Troop 303 on their first self published works!

For information about starting a small-press collection at your library, or bringing a Girl Scout troop into our library, please contact Caitlin McGurk at


  1. Love the new design. Very easy to read, though just saying that makes me feel old.

  2. Will definately be bringing my girl scout troop here next year. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!!

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