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Virtual Event: Cartoonist Keith Knight addresses America’s Racial Illiteracy


Cartoonist Keith Knight addresses America’s Racial Illiteracy

Thursday, June 11 at 6pm via ZOOM

Register here:

This virtual event is FREE and open to the public.

Culled from over 25 years of his award-winning work, RED, WHITE, BLACK AND BLUE: Highlighting America’s Racial Illiteracy is a new presentation from nationally syndicated cartoonist Keith Knight (the Knight Life, the K Chronicles, (th)ink). Combining comics, storytelling, statistics, and facts, Knight makes the case that America’s biggest problem is its inability to have a frank and honest discussion about race. And if it wants to be the country it aspires to, it needs to come to terms with its ugly history.

Keith Knight’s presentations are infused with urgency, humor, satire, politics, and race. His work is designed to provoke constructive, civil dialogue amongst people young and old, left and right, of all colors and orientations.

This program is presented by the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.

Cartoon Library Quarantine Challenge!

Fine art fans may have seen the challenges issued by the Getty Museum, Columbus Museum of ArtThe Met, and more to recreate famous works of art at home using household materials, family members and even pets during the quarantine. Well, The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum is getting in on the action!

We challenge you to recreate a comic book cover or panel and share it online!

-Choose a cover or panel from any comic book, graphic novel, comic strip or otherwise
-Recreate it using household objects, costumes, friends, family, pets, etc!
-Post it with the hashtag #CartoonLibraryQuarantine

Tag us @cartoonlibrary on Instagram and Twitter, and we’ll repost our favorites!

Need some inspiration? These BICLM staff members have it covered (literally):

“Young Love no. 104” by Caitlin McGurk and Erik Pepple

“HiLo” by Jenny Robb and Steve and Alexander Hamaker

“Amethyst” by Anne and Jerzy Drozd, and Shenandoah Tigatron the cat

Here are some of the amazing submissions we’ve seen online:

“The Calvin & Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book” submitted via instagram by @danielconnair

“Le photographe” submitted by Margaret Flinn via Facebook

“She-Hulk” submitted via Twitter by @NewdModel

“Crime SuspenStories” submitted via Instagram by @empirecomicslab

Spiderman panel submitted via Twitter by @SteveHamaker

“Yukon Ho” submitted via Facebook by Sara Maassel Pellerite

“Dog Witch” submitted via Twitter by @drracheal

“X-Men” submitted via Instagram by Nate Powell

“Iron Man” submitted via Twitter by @Brewhammad_Ali

“Captain America” submitted via Twitter by @skleefeld

“Transformers” submitted via Twitter by @leonieomoore

“Watchmen” submitted via Twitter by @pxmolina


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