Found in the Collection: Milton Caniff’s Life Mask!

Okay readers, one final Halloween post, perhaps the spookiest of them all!
Below, we present to you the life mask of Milton Caniff:

Life mask of Milton Caniff, cast by Shel Dorf. From the Shel Dorf Collection, The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum (click to enlarge)

Yes indeed folks, this plaster mask was cast of our main man Milton Caniff by his own assistant, Steve Canyon letterer Shel Dorf. Done in the early 80s, Caniff was likely around the age of 76 when this was made. It now resides here at the Cartoon Library where it forms part of the Shel Dorf Collection, along with a plaster casting of Caniff’s hands. We’ll save those for next year!



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  1. Very cool indeed! Where was this mask found at?

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