Found in the Collection: Bill Blackbeard’s Cartoon Textile

Hey, all of you cartoon aficionados! Help us identify the characters in this incredible embroidered textile

When we received the Bill Blackbeard collection, among it was this textile of over 100 embroidered cartoon characters. Unfortunately, we do not know who produced such a marvel, but we’re working hard to at least identify each character they lovingly stitched into the fabric.

Do you recognize any of the characters? We have digitally numbered the textile, and you can enlarge the image by clicking on it (we recommend using your browser to zoom even further). Below it you will find our best guesses as well as a number of blanks that we would love your help on.

Please leave us a comment with your expert findings!

Cartoon Textile from The San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Collection, The Ohio State University Cartoon Library & Museum


Wow! Thanks so much, everyone! Incredible detective work- we’re all in awe and ever-so-grateful over here at the Cartoon Library. Thank you for your patience as we fact-checked and updated our list. There are still some more to go! Unfortunately, our blog software does not allow us to upload very large files. Instead, I have provided details below of the unidentified characters. We hope you’ll keep contributing!

Cartoon Textile [detail] from The San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Collection, The Ohio State University Cartoon Library & Museum

Cartoon Textile [detail] from The San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Collection, The Ohio State University Cartoon Library & Museum

1. Buck Rogers

2. Joe Stork (Krazy Kat) (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!)

3. Napoleon

4. Uncle Elby

5. Checkered Demon

6. Marsupilami (Thanks to reader Eric Newsom!)

7. Bug Rogers (Gordo)

8. Churchy LaFemme


10. Pogo

11. Albert Alligator

12. Dick Tracy

13. Offisa Pup

14. Krazy Kat

15. Ignatz Mouse

16. Mock Duck (Krazy Kat) (Thanks to reader Paul!)

17. Rudy


19. Hawkshaw the Detective

20. Major Hoople


22. Farside

23. Giff Wiff (Katzenjammer Kids) (Thanks to reader Jean-Paul Jennequin)

24. Eugene the Jeep

25. Farside (Thanks to reader Eric Newsom!)

26. Sheena

27. Little Orphan Annie & Sandy

28. Sparkplug

29. Sunshine

30. Barney Google

31. Old Doc Yak (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!)

32. Mamie (Moon Mullins) (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!)

33. Baron Bean (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!)


35. Emmy (Moon Mullins)

36. Uncle Willie ? (Moon Mullins)

37. Mr. Beans (Robert Dickey) (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!) & Tippie (Edwina Dumm) (Thanks to Tom Spurgeon!)

38. Farside (Thanks to reader Eric Newsom!)

39. Dirty Dalton (Thanks to reader Paul!)

40. Texas Slim (Thanks to reader Paul!)

41. Wimpy

42. Maggie & Jiggs (Bringing Up Father)

43. Maud

44. Happy Hooligan

45. George Booth dog

46. Felix the Cat

47. Salesman Sam (Thanks to reader Roger Langridge!)

48. Scrooge McDuck

49. character from Casey the Cop (by Charles Rodrigues) (Thanks to reader Frank Pauer!)

50. Buster Brown & Mary Jane


52. Boob McNutt (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!)

53. Mutt & Jeff

54. Tige and Midnight (Buster Brown)

55. Shmoo

56. Little Joe (by Ed Leffingwell) (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!)

57. Bunky (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!)

58. Jerry on the Job (Thanks to reader Chris Mautner!)

59. Casey the Cop (by Charles Rodrigues) (Thanks to reader Louis Wysocki!)

60. Kitty (Polly & Her Pals)

61. Polly Perkins

62. Maw (Suzie Perkins)

63. Neewah (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!)

64. Paw (Sam’l Perkins)

65. Ashur Earl Perkins (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!)


67. Tater (Snuffy Smith)?

68. Abbie the Agent


70. Captain Easy

71. Wash Tubbs

72. Foozy (Alley Oop)?


74. character from “Casey the Cop” (by Charles Rodrigues) (Thanks to reader Frank Pauer!)

75. Skeezix (Gasoline Alley) (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!)

76. Bennie the Swink (Wash’s pet in Captain Easy) (Thanks to reader Todd Hillmer!)


78. Little Jimmy

79. Broom Hilda

80. Alley Oop

81. Bécassine, mother, and Uncle Corentin (From L’enfance de Bécassine) (Thanks to reader Jean-Paul Jennequin!)

82. General Halftrack (Beetle Bailey)

83. Der Captain (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley)

84. Tehuana Mama (Gordo)

85. From Bécassine, unknown character (Thanks to reader Jean-Paul Jennequin!)

86. Oola (Alley Oop) (Thanks to reader Roger Langridge!)

87. The General (Little Joe) (Thanks to reader Richard Olson!)

88. Getafix (Thanks to reader Andres Denkberg!)

89. Obelix (Thanks to reader Mike Lynch!)


91. Dolly Dimples (by Grace Drayton) (Thanks to reader Holmes from Barnacle Press!)


93. The Sea Hag (Popeye) (Thanks to reader Brian Hagen!)

94. Alice The Goon (Popeye) (Thanks to reader Mike Lynch!)

95. Sappo (Popeye) (Thanks to reader Roger Langridge!)

96. Der Professor (Katzenjammer Kids) (Thanks to reader Mike Lynch!)

97. Popeye

98. Swee’Pea sitting in the mouth of Toar (Popeye)  (Thanks to reader Paul!)

99. Fritz (Katzenjammer Kids)

100. Mama (Katzenjammer Kids)

101. Hans (Katzenjammer Kids)

102. Little Nemo in Slumberland (The Imp, ?, Flip, The Princess, Little Nemo)

103. Snoopy

104. Oat Willie (Gilbert Shelton) (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!)

105. Woodstock

106. Fat Freddy’s Cat

107. Yellow Kid


109. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

110. Mr. Jack (Swinnerton)

111. Physically Powerful Katrina (Toonerville)

112. Mickey “Himself” McGuire (Thanks to reader Mike Lynch!)

113. Snake (B.C.) (Thanks to reader Brian Bonelli!)

114. Fat Broad?

115. Count Screwloose (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley!)

116. Senor Dog (Gordo)

117. Ponce De Leon (Gordo)

118. Poosy Gato (Gordo)

119. Uncle Bim (The Gumps) (Thanks to reader Jared Gardner!)

120. -Not numbered in image- anteater from B.C. (Thanks to reader Steven Stwalley)


  1. #95 is Alice the Goon from POPEYE.

    #88 and 89 are Asterix & Obelix.

    #86 sure looks like a Roy Crane-drawn female character.

    What fun! Post larger scans if at all possible!

  2. All of these are Popeye/Thimble Theatre characters:
    #93 is Bernard the Vulture
    #94 is Alice the Goon (Mike mistyped it as #95 above)
    #95 is Castor Oyl
    #98 is Swee’Pea sitting in the mouth of Toar

  3. Is that Andy, or Bim Gump? Hard to tell at this resolution. Any chance for a larger version of the image for your eager detectives to play with?

  4. #23 is the Giff Wiff, a character from the Katzenjammer Kids that was used as a mascot by one of the earliest French fanzines on comics, the title of which was Giff Wiff.

  5. #81 is Bécassine, the French character created in 1905. In this picture, she’s still a child, and is shown with her parents, so this must be from “L’enfance de Bécassine” (Bécassine’s Childhood).

  6. #93 is misidentified, I believe. That’s not a vulture, but rather E.C. Segar’s Sea Hag, playing her flute to hypnotize Pappy in the 1936-1937 sequence “A Mystery as Deep as the Sea.”

  7. #92 looks quite a lot like Clifford McBride’s dog Napoleon laying on his back. Could anybody confirm ?

  8. #85 is wearing a typical Breton dress, so she’s most likely also from the Bécassine strip, along with the nearby group of Bécassine and her parents. I don’t know the strip well enough to be more precise, but she could be either an incidental character or Bécassine’s cousin, Marie Quillouch.

  9. In the #81 group, the man on the right is not Bécassine’s father but her uncle Corentin, who gave her her nickname (her ral name being Annaïk Labornez).

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  11. I think #91 is Grace Drayton’s Dolly DImples.

    I want to think that #108 looks like someone out of Byrnes’ Reg’lar Fellers, but can’t find an outfit that matches.

    #87 reminds me of Billy DeBeck, somehow…

  12. Regarding the bizarre stegosaurus-like thing in image #9… my hind-brain is telling me I’ve seen it somewhere before, and my subconscious suspect is that it something from sixties bay-area underground comics. I have no conscious reason to think this. Something from Dan O’Neill’s Odd Bodkins, perhaps? I really want to know what the heck that one is.

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