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We will be meeting in room 090/070 in the 18th Avenue Library.


Date:  04/01/15 - 6:30pm


What Your Cat Wants You To Know



Dr. Tony Buffington will present an informative talk on some of the similarities and differences between cats and people from the cat’s point of view. Based on extensive research, he and others have found that while indoor housing can protect cats from some dangers, it can increase their risk for other health and behavior problems. The goal of this talk is to help cat owners create safe and healthy environments for their pet cats, avoid having cats become stressed in their home due to improper care or lack of enrichment, explain the importance of regular veterinary care for cats (with some tips on how to get them there) and much more.


About our speaker:


Tony Buffington, Professor of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Dr. Buffington received BS, MS, PhD and DVM degrees from UC Davis, and is board-certified in veterinary nutrition. His clinical interests include stress effects on disease, obesity, evidence-based medicine, and effective medical communications. His research focuses on the roles of early life events and the environment on health and disease in cats and people.





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