The latest issue of Russian History has been released – and it contains more selected papers from the  second conference of the Association for the Study of Eastern Christian History and Culture (ASEC), “Centers and Peripheries: Interaction and Exchange in the Social, Cultural, Historical, and Regional Situations of Eastern Christianity” that was held at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, October 5–6, 2007.

Russian History
40.2 (2013): Centers and Peripheries in Eastern Christianity–Part 2.

Guest editors: J. Eugene Clay, Russell E. Martin, Barbara J. Skinner

Section 3. Community: Social and Perceptual Dynamics of the Center

Charles J. Halperin, “Church Immunities in Practice During the Reign of Ivan IV”

Marlyn Miller, “Social Revolution in Russian Female Monasticism: The Case of the Convent of the Intercession, 1700-1917 ”

Sergei I. Zhuk, “Popular Religiosity in the ‘Closed City’ of Soviet Ukraine: Cultural Consumption and Religion During Late Socialism, 1959-1984”

Amy A. Slagle, “A View from the Pew: Lay Orthodox Christian Perspectives on American Religious Diversity”

Section 4. Division and Inclusion: Defining Center and Peripheries of Orthodoxy

J. Eugene Clay, “Russian Spiritual Christianity and the Closing of the Black-Earth Frontier: The First Heresy Trials of the Dukhobors in the 1760s”

Page Herrlinger, “Trials of the Unorthodox Orthodox: The Followers of Brother Ioann Churikov and Their Critics in Modern Russia”

Bryan Rennie, “Mircea Eliade’s Understanding of Religion and Eastern Christian Thought”



Source of the Russian History 40.2 table of contents: Lawrence Langer (University of Connecticut) via the Early Slavic Studies listserv.