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49th Annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies (ASEEES)

November 9-12, 2017, the 49th Annual ASEEES Convention was held in the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile Hotel on Michigan Avenue. The convention theme “Transgressions” was inspired by the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.

As usual, one had to weigh the merits of the panels and roundtables in each session, considering both the known and unknown participants, the provocative titles that may or may not live up to their titles, and the wide array of fascinating topics before making one’s selection of which panels and/or individual papers to attend.

Two medieval Slavic-themed panels were scheduled during the opening session on Thursday afternoon (1pm-2:45pm) as was the first Slavic librarian panel:

Session 1-36: Transgressions in Translation Panel 1: Transgressive Translations in the Slavic Middle Ages – “Navy Pier” Room, 10th floor
Chair: David J. Birnbaum, U of Pittsburgh
Papers: Robert Romanchuk, Florida State U, “The Slavic Digenis Akritis: Translation out of Greek vs. Translation into Slavic”;
Moshe Taube, Hebrew U of Jerusalem (Israel), “Subversive Translations from Hebrew in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and in Muscovy”;
Discussant: Julia Verkholantsev, U of Pennsylvania.

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Recent acquisition on Monasticism – Spring 2017

A recent purchase, Monasticism in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Republics edited by Ines Angeli Murzaku (Routledge, 2016), provides essays on various aspects of monasticism in Eastern-Central Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Republics.

Daniela Kalkandjieva addresses “Monasticism in Bulgaria”; Julia Verkholantsev discusses “Croatian monasticism and Glagolitic tradition: Glagolitic letters at home and abroad,” which complements her 2014 monograph The Slavic Letters of St. Jerome: the History of the Legend and its Legacy, or, How the Translator of the Vulgate became an Apostle of the Slavs; Jelena Dzankic writes on “Religion and identity in Montenegro”; Graham Speake comments on “Mount Athos: relations between the Holy Mountain and Eastern Europe”; Radmila Radić on “Monasticism in Serbia in the modern period: development, influence, importance”; Antonio D’Alessandri tackles “Orthodox monasticism and the development of the modern Romanian state: from Dora d’Istria’s criticism (1855) to cyclical reevaluation of monastic spirituality in contemporary Romania”; the editor Murzaku composed “Between East and West: Albania’s monastic mosaic.”

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Polata Knigopisnaia

Poziv za slanje radova

         Polata Knigopisnaia jedini je međunarodni časopis posvećen proučavanju slovenske srednjovekovne pismenosti na Zapadu. Od samog pojavljivanja – od 1978. godine – časopis Polata Knigopisnaia posvećen je održavanju visokog nivoa kvaliteta radova koji se u njemu objavljuju. Od 2006. godine časopis je dostupan samo kao internet izdanje na internet adresi Banke znanja Državnog univerziteta u Ohaju (Knowledge Bank at The Ohio State University): <>

Polata knigopisnaia 1 (1978)

Polata Knigopisnaia 1 (1978)

Urednici časopisa, Kristijano Didi (Cristiano Diddi) sa Univerziteta u Salernu (University of Salerno), M. A. Džonson iz Hilandarske istraživačke biblioteke Državnog univerziteta Ohaja (Hilandar Research Library at The Ohio State University) i Robert Romančuk (Robert Romanchuk) sa Državnog univerziteta Floride (Florida State University), primenjivaće novi sistem recenziranja radova potencijalnih saradnika od 2007. godine pa nadalje.

Svi potencijalni saradnici časopisa za koje urednici budu smatrali da su zadovoljili kriterijume časopisa biće anonimno recenzirani od strane dva recenzenta.

Recenzenti časopisa su: Dejvid Birnbaum (David J. Birnbaum) sa Univerziteta u Pitsburgu (University of Pittsburgh), Danijel Kolins (Daniel E. Collins) sa Državnog univerziteta Ohaja (The Ohio State University), Predrag Matejić iz Hilandarske istraživačke biblioteke Državnog univerziteta Ohaja (Hilandar Research Library at The Ohio State University), Dženifer Spok (Jennifer Spock) sa Univerziteta Istočnog Kentakija (Eastern Kentucky University) i Julija Verkholancev (Julia Verkholantsev) sa Univerziteta u Pensilvaniji (University of Pennsylvania).

Urednici časopisa Polata Knigopisnaia objavljuju poziv za slanje radova koji bi trebalo da se pojave u 2014. godini, u svesci br. 39. Polata Knigopisnaia objavljuje izdanja srednjovekovnih slovenskih tekstova, ali i članke, indekse, bibliografije i prikaze posvećene slovenskim srednjovekovnim tekstovima (rukopisima i štampanim knjigama), posebno njihovom istorijskom i kulturnom kontekstu.

Autori koji žele priložiti rad dodatne informacije o tematici časopisa i načinu priređivanja radova mogu dobiti od urednika časopisa.



Cristiano Diddi

M.A. Johnson

Robert Romanchuk

CFP: Polata Knigopisnaia 39 (2014)


Polata Knigopisnaia Issues Call for Papers

Polata Knigopisnaia, an international journal of Early Slavic books, texts, and literatures, is the only Western serial focused primarily on the study of Early Slavic manuscripts and material texts. Since publication began in 1978 it has maintained a rigorously high level of quality; from 2006 it has been available exclusively on-line at the Knowledge Bank at The Ohio State University:


Polata knigopisnaia 1 (1978)The editors of Polata Knigopisnaia, Cristiano Diddi of the University of Salerno, M. A. Johnson of the Hilandar Research Library at The Ohio State University, and Robert Romanchuk of Florida State University, have adopted an editorial-board peer review system for contributions from 2007 forward. All contributions that the editors consider to fit the scope and criteria of PK will be reviewed anonymously by two members of the editorial board.

The editorial board of Polata Knigopisnaia is: David J. Birnbaum of the University of Pittsburgh, Daniel E. Collins of The Ohio State University, Predrag Matejic of the Hilandar Research Library at The Ohio State University, Jennifer Spock of Eastern Kentucky University, and Julia Verkholantsev of the University of Pennsylvania.

The editors of Polata Knigopisnaia are issuing a call for papers to appear in vol. 39 (2014). PK publishes scholarly articles, editions, indexes, and bibliographical and review essays related to Early Slavic texts, manuscripts, and early printed books, and their historical and cultural contexts.

Authors considering submitting an article are encouraged to contact an editor to discuss length and subject matter, and to obtain a style sheet.


Cristiano Diddi <>

M.A. Johnson <>

Robert Romanchuk <>