The Association for the Study of Eastern Christian History and Culture (ASEC) held its fifth biennial conference at Georgetown University, Washington, DC, on March 8-9, 2013.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Session 5: Vladimir Solov’ev and Russian Orthodoxy (Philosophy and the Church)

Chair/Discussant: Patrick Michelson, Indiana University


  1. “Humanity, Divinity, and All-Unity in Vladimir Solov’ev’s Critique of Abstract Principles” – Randall A. Poole, College of St. Scholastica
  2. “Does Philosophic Orthodoxy Have a Future?” – Paul Valliere, Butler University
  3. “The Russian Orthodox Church in Italy Today: A Kaleidoscope Clarifying Itself”  – Valeria Z. Nollan, Rhodes College

Session 6: Christianity in the World

Chair/Discussant: Christine Worobec, Northern Illinois University


  1. The Contemplation of Nature in Eastern Christianity: Greek Patristic Foundations” – Joshua Lollar, University of Kansas
  2. “Slaves of the Sultan: Russian Reactions to Christian Captives during the Greek Revolution (1821–1830)” – Lucien J. Frary, Rider University
  3. “Lived Christianity in the Donbass: The Activities of Donetsk’s Transfiguration Brotherhood in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century” – Dezeree Hodish, University of Kansas
  4. “Orthodox and Protestant Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs in the Former Soviet Union” – Mark R. Elliott, Asbury University

Session 7: Icons and the Visual at the Center of Religious Controversy

Chair/Discussant: Valeria Z. Nollan, Rhodes College


  1. “Framing the Miraculous: The Physical and Temporal Reordering of Image Oriented Lay Religious Devotions in Early Modern Greek-rite Catholicism” – Wojciech Bełtkiewicz, Kenyon College
  2. “Old Believers and Icons” – Evgeny Grishin, University of Kansas
  3. “Digitized Resources on Religious Debate: Rare and Unique Items from the Hilandar Research Library″ – M.A. Johnson, The Ohio State University

Session 8: Orthodoxy Amidst the “Other”

Chair/Discussant: Eve Levin, University of Kansas


  1. “‘The Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem: A Documentary History” – Paul du Quenoy, American University of Beirut
  2. The American YMCA and the St. Sergius Theological Academy in Paris” – Matt Miller, Northwestern College
  3. “‘In the Shadow of the Orient’: Orthodox Christianity and Orientalism” – Christopher D.L. Johnson, College of the Bahamas
  4. “Prophecy, Miracles, and Pilgrimage in Interwar Romania” – Roland Clark, Eastern Connecticut State University

The conference was sponsored by ASEC, Inc.; Georgetown University’s Medieval Studies Program, Center for Eurasian, Russia and East European Studies, and the Departments of History and Theology; The Ohio State University’s Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies (Columbus, OH); and the Department of History of Eastern Kentucky University (Richmond, KY).