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Festschrift to Anisava Miltenova

A recent festschrift in honor of Anisava Miltenova, Institute for Literature, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences includes over forty articles on topics such as medieval Byzantino-Slavic culture, biblical apocrypha, female saints, Balkan saints, hagiographical texts, etc., all reflecting aspects of Professor Miltenova’s wide range of interests and scholarship.

Angusheva, Adelina, Margaret Dimitrova, Mariia Iovcheva, Maia Petrova-Taneva, and Diliana Radoslavova, comp. and eds. Vis et Sapientia: Studia in Honorem Anisavae Milteonva. Нови извори, интерпретации и подходи в медиевистиката / ‘Strength and Wisdom: Studies in Honor of Anisava Miltenova. New Sources, Interpretations and Approaches to Medieval Studies.’ Sofia: Boian Penev Academic Publishing House, 2016.

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Book Launch in Serbia includes Biography of Elder Nikanor of Hilandar


Sunday, June 29, 2014 in the afternoon in the Ružica Church in the Kalemegdan Fortress in Beograd, there will be a book launch of two new titles:

Starac Nikanor Hilendarac by Protojerej stavrofor Srboljub Miletić, and

Zapovedni crkveni praznici kod Srba by Protojerej stavrofor Dušan Kolundžić.

E-invitation for a book launch with a photograph of the book cover (picture of Monk Nikanor) and the cover a book about church feast days in Serbia with image of Andrei Rublev's Holy Trinity

Invitation to a book launch for a biography of Elder Nikanor of Hilandar

Elder Nikanor was at Hilandar Monastery when the Very Rev. Dr. Mateja Matejic, Walt Craig, and later Predrag Matejic were filming the manuscripts in Hilandar Monastery’s library. There are photos of Father Nikanor among the Hilandar Research Library’s slide collection, some of which were incorporated into the video interview of Predrag Matejic’s visits to Mount Athos that formed a part of the Thompson Library exhibit (Summer 2013) at The Ohio State University: “Travelers to and from Mount Athos: The Translation of Culture, Knowledge, and Spirituality.” The Very Rev. Miroljub Ružić also mentions Father Nikanor in the interview he gave for the same exhibit.