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Recent Acquisitions: Studia Ceranea, vols. 4 and 5

The Hilandar Research Library recently acquired five volumes of the journal Studia Ceranea from the Waldemar Ceran Research Centre for the History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-East Europe at the University of Łódź, Poland. Below are the list of articles for volumes 5-6. See previous blog posting for the table of contents of vols. 1-3.

Series Ceranea, Vol. 2

We also received copies of volumes in Series Ceranea, e.g.,  Arystoksenos z Tarentu Harmonika by Anna Maciejewska (2015); and Palaea Historica: The Second Slavic Translation. Commentary and Text by Małgorzata Skowronek (2016).

Series Ceranea, Vol. 3

Studia Ceranea Vol. 5 (2015) includes articles and book reviews. The articles:

Ivan Biliarsky, “Marriage and Power (Images of Authority)” (9-32);

Zofia Brzozowska, “Wisdom Has Built Her House (Proverbs 9, 1‒6). The History of the Notion in Southern and Eastern Slavic Art in the 14th‒16th Centuries” (33-58);

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Recent Acquisition: Kirilo-Metodievski Studii 21


Newly arrived:

Image of the front cover of the journal Kirilo-Metodievski Studii volume 21

Festschrift to Heinz Miklas

Kirilo-Metodievski Studii 21, which is a festschrift to Heinz Miklas.

Edited by Tatiana Mostrova, with a tribute to Heinz Miklas by Svetlina Nikolova, contributors include: Desislava Atanasova, Elka Bakalova, Galina Baranokova, Aksiniia Dzhurova, Jasmina Grković-Major, Klimentina Ivanova, Ivona Karachorova, Antonija Zaradija Kiš, Alda Giambelluca Kossova, Irina Kuzidova, Georgi Minczew, Boiko Mircheva, Tatiana Mostrova, Svetlina Nikolova, Tatiana Pentkovskaia, Kazimir Popkonstantinov, Maria Schnitter, Irena Špadier, Radoslava Stankova, Anatolii Turilov, William R. Veder, and Christian Voss.

The articles touch on the following topics: Bogomilism, the Gospels of Romanian rulers, the Bychkov Psalter, the Book of Jeremiah, Anastasius of Sinai, the Archangel Michael, St. Clement of Rome, St. Basil the Younger, Cyril of Turov, Bishop Cyprian, the Alexander Myth, the functional styles of Serbian Church Slavonic, etc.

See table of contents.


Festschrift for Predrag Matejic, Part 2


The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and the Cyrillo-Methodian Research Centre (Sofia, Bulgaria) honored Predrag Matejic, Curator of the Hilandar Research Library and Director of the Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies, with а festschrift on the occasion of his 60th birthday (August 2, 2012) that spans issues 3 and 4 of volume 36 (2012) of the prestigious journal for medieval Slavic studies Palaeobulgarica/Старо-Българистика.

Contents of Palaeobulgarica/Старо-Българистика 36.4 (2012):

Image of photograph of Dr. Matejic and clear overlay with ornamental flourish from a manuscript in issue Palaeobulgarica 36.3 (2012)

Festschrift to Predrag Matejic

Predrag Matejic, “Хилендарската научна библиотека и България – 40 години сътрудничество”/’The Hilandar Research Library and Bulgaria: 40 Years of Cooperation,’ 3-17.

Adelina Angusheva-Tikhanova and Iskra Khristova-Shomova, “Образи и фигури в риторични и химнографски творби за св. Петър и Павел,  представени в славянската традиция”/’Tropes and Verbal Images in Hymnographical and Liturgical Rhetorical Texts Dedicated to SS. Peter and Paul in the Medieval Slavonic Tradition,’ 18-38.

Lora Taseva, “Антилатинската полемика на Григорий Палама и Варлаам Калабрийски в частите от в. на кодекс Дечани 88 и славянската ръкописна традиция”/’An Anti-Latin Polemic of Gregory Palamas and Varlaam from Calabria from the 16th-Century Codex Dečani 88 and the Slavonic Manuscript Tradition,’ 39-61.

Margaret Dimitrova, “Гръцките заемки гѷψи, ѵψи и епалѯис, или как Константин Костенечки използва тълкованията на Песен на песните в оригиналните си съченения”/’The Greek Loanwords gypsi, ypsi and epalxis, or How did Constantine of Kostenec Use Commentaries on the ‘Song of Songs’ in His Original Compositions?,’ 62-74.

Maria Spasova, “Неизвестен славянски превод на правило а· и в· от Посланието на Дионисий Александрийски”/’An Anonymous Translation into Slavonic of Precepts and in the Epistle by Dionysius of Alexandria,’ 75-97.

William R. Veder, “Плоская традиция текстов”/’Flat Tradition of Texts,’ 98-109.

Svetlina Nikolova, “Неизвестно изследване на Григорий Илински за Пространното Методиево житие”/’An Unknown Study by Gregory Ilinsky on the Extended Life of Methodius,’ 110-136.