Hamilton Hall was built in 1925. The building of Hamilton Hall brought the Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry to the campus from downtown locations acquired through the merger of Starling-Ohio Medical College in 1914. The building has had six additions. The first and second additions were built for dentistry. The fourth addition was an expansion of the library.

The north wing of Hamilton Hall was named the Emil Bozler Wing in 1989 to honor Dr. Bozler.

Hamilton Hall is named for John Waterman Hamilton, MD (1823-1898). Dr. Hamilton received his MD from Willoughby Medical College in 1847. He was a professor at Starling Medical College (1854-74). He founded Columbus Medical College in 1874 and served as professor (1876-1892) and dean (1891-1892). In 1886, along with Dr. W.B. Hawkes, he also founded Hawkes Hospital, later renamed Mt. Carmel Hospital.