The Bench at Beal

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The Bench at Beal
Since I began painting in watercolor five years ago, I have discovered that it centers me and provides a timeless state of concentration, one in which problems global and personal seem to diminish. It was a most useful outlet during the many months of the pandemic, when sleepless nights, tortured dreams and daytime worries seemed to take center stage. Long walks in beautiful places had a similar calming effect, and this bench in a public garden captured both my heart and imagination. Being surrounded by the re-emergence of spring with its bounty of blossoms was a reminder of the circle of the seasons — and of life.

Jeanie Croope
Media: Watercolor on Paper
Artist, Photographer, Blogger, Community Volunteer
WKAR Public Broadcasting, Retired
Friend of Voices in Humanism

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  1. Thank you so much for including me in your website, which is just lovely and with a beautiful combination of media.

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