Wiseman Hall, c.1970s

Wiseman Hall was built in 1960 and has had one addition. It serves as the major animal research facility of the College of Medicine. It was named for Bruce K. Wiseman in 1963.

Bruce Kenneth Wiseman (1896-1960) received his BS from Indiana University in 1926. He earned his M.D. from Indiana University in 1928. After an internship at Indianapolis City Hospital (1928-1930) he went to the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York, where his association with Drs. Florence Sabin and Charles Doan began. At the request of Doan, Wiseman came to OSU in 1931. He was an associate professor of medicine and associate director of medical research (1931-1935); Associate professor of medicine (1935-1938); Professor of medicine (1938-1960); Chair of the Department of Medicine (1944-1960); chief of staff of OSU Hospitals (1948-1960). Along with his colleague Doan, Wiseman made significant contributions in the field of hematology.