HathiTrust Links added to Discover

As part of the Libraries’ ongoing mission to reduce barriers to access and simplify the process of accessing information for our users, the Libraries has implemented two new features aimed at surfacing access to online content through the HathiTrust.

Changes to Discover

As of April 23rd, the Libraries has updated Discover so that the application now includes links directly to the HathiTrust when it is determined that an accessible electronic copy is available.  Users working with discovery will see this new button:

Example HathiTrust Link in Discover

An example of the new HathiTrust link embedded in Discover

Which, when clicked, will direct users to the HathiTrust and directly to the content.  For resources being made available as part of the HathiTrust Emergency Access Service[1], resources will be automatically directed through the Ohio State University Single Sign-on service – allowing users the ability to view and checkout this digital content.  For content without access restrictions, the links will take users directly to the digital object.

Changes to the Catalog

In addition to updating Discover, the Libraries has updated the HathiTrust linking process found within the Library Catalog.  Previously, links to the HathiTrust were automatically generated to digital content unencumbered by copyright.  As with the new Discover functionality, this process has been updated, allowing links to digital content being made available through the HathiTrust Emergency Access Service.

Example of the HathiTrust Links displaying in the catalog

Example of the HathiTrust Links displaying in the catalog

Please note, links generated in the catalog utilize Javascript, and may require users to clear their browser caches for the updated links to show up.  These changes were made active as part of the Libraries’ Tuesday maintenance window, and are now available to users.  

Finally, many thanks to AD&S for working so quickly to make this functionality a reality.


[1] NewsNotes.  1 Million In-Copyright Books Opened for the Ohio State University by HathiTrust.  https://library.osu.edu/site/osulstaff/2020/04/01/1-million-in-copyright-books-opened-for-the-ohio-state-univeristy-by-hathitrust/