Originally built as the new Homeopathic Hospital in 1917, the building became a new hospital for the medical school after an addition in 1924 made it operational. The building was renamed Starling-Loving University Hospital in 1923 in honor of Mr. Lyne Starling (1784-1848), a founder of Columbus and benefactor of Starling Medical College and Dr. Starling Loving (1827-1911), dean of Starling Medical College (1880-1905).

By 1926, with the addition of three wings, the hospital housed 296 beds, an operating amphitheater, laboratories, a maternity department and an outpatient clinic. The main purpose was clinical teaching.

When The Ohio State University Hospital was built in the 1950′s, all hospital practices moved into it. Starling Loving University Hospital was renamed Starling Loving Hall on July 14, 1961. It no longer serves as a hospital facility but rather houses offices and classrooms. The original building has had 5 additions over the years.

The top of the building also features six gargoyles: rabbit, cow, monkey, pelican, cat and horse.