Voices in Humanism

Alone Together
I am a semi-retired holistic family physician who loves to make music and art. I particularly enjoy creating customized dioramas with a unique combination of materials: pistachio nut shells, pipe cleaners, and found art objects. I entitled this piece, Alone Together, which emphasizes our connectedness during isolation. I dedicated this piece to the memory of my mother, Beatrice Silverman, 1/24/1928 to 5/31/2019. For the duration of this bizarre pandemic, I pray that most people will be blessed with the technology to stay connected. Meanwhile, I hope my diorama will remind viewers of the sweetness of that connection. Blessings to all—stay safe and be well.

Debbi Silverman, MD, FAAFP
Certified Wellcoach, C.W.C, C.G.P. retired
Member, Ohio Academy of Family Physicians