Many libray staff were asked to vote from a list of suggested enhancements to improve the Sierra integrated library system. I appreciate everyone’s input on this important process. Our votes were added to the votes of all members of the Innovative  Users Groups, and the winning ballots are below.

These winning ballots are submitted to Innovative and play a key role in providing feedback so that Sierra can better function for all of us.  I am very pleased that many of the items that OSUL staff chose were winning ballot items.


* ACQ-01 Funds Allow libraries to customize the Fund Activity Report
* ACQ-02 Funds Create new vendor records while creating new order records.
* ACQ-05 Invoicing/Receiving Ability to retrieve a record of adjustments to fund records
* ACQ-06 Invoicing/Receiving Provide ability to undo accidently received titles/copies
* ACQ-07 Invoicing/Receiving Allow multiple payments against a single order record in same session
OSUL voted for this! ACQ-11 Ordering/Send Add option to import more than 1 invoice file per FTP session from same vendor


* CAT-04 Global and Rapid Update Delete or edit subfield regardless of content in Global Update
* CAT-05 Global and Rapid Update Add “Copy Field” to the editing right-click menu when editing a record
OSUL voted for this! CAT-06 Global and Rapid Update Find in this record
OSUL voted for this! CAT-07 Global and Rapid Update Correct duplicate ISBN checking, so that it would detect variant forms of an ISBN.
* CAT-09 Global and Rapid Update ICode1 to have a description field rather than simply being a numeric value
* CAT-10 Global and Rapid Update Add the ability to retrieve linked record types and exchange data between them in global update
* CAT-12 Tools/Workflow (e.g. char map, keyboard, mouse) Function to globally insert/delete location(s) into the bib record
OSUL voted for this! CAT-18 OTHER Make all fields that can be updated with Rapid Update accessible for updating using Global Update.
OSUL voted for this! CAT-23 OTHER Rapid Update Preview
OSUL voted for this! CAT-29 Record display (incl. sorting) Find and Replace with regular expressions in Global Update

Coverage Database Products

* CDP-01 Coverage Database Flexible start and end dates (rolling, textual, calender year etc.) in Coverage Database and OPAC
OSUL voted for this! CDP-06 ERM Attach Digital License Agreements to ERM License Records
* CDP-09 WAM Provide WAM session statistics, not hits


OSUL voted for this! CIR-01 Checkin / Checkout / Renew Allow both print and e-mail receipts
OSUL voted for this! CIR-02 Checkin / Checkout / Renew Library choose pop-ups when checking in transit, hold or lost items
* CIR-05 Checkin / Checkout / Renew Allow holds to be transfered between bibs, vol and item records
* CIR-07 Checkin / Checkout / Renew It would be nice it overdue items showed up in red.
OSUL voted for this! CIR-09 Checkin / Checkout / Renew Add ability to manage holds in View Outstanding Holds mode
* CIR-11 Checkin / Checkout / Renew Notices need accruing fines
* CIR-14 Holds in Staff Client Allow Custom Notices to be sent to patrons using a review file
OSUL voted for this! CIR-21 Holds in Staff Client Attach circulation notice history to patron account
OSUL voted for this! CIR-32 Notices Create an email welcome notice, possibly with a confirmation link
* CIR-33 Notices Create and allow a hold pickup reminder courtesy notice
OSUL voted for this! CIR-34 Notices Ability to manually generate a notice when an item is returned damaged or is missing a part (such as a booklet, disc, etc.)
* CIR-36 Notices Provide full patron record functionality from item records
OSUL voted for this! CIR-38 Notices Allow only part of a fine to be waived
OSUL voted for this! CIR-39 Notices EXPIRATION DATE in records for new patrons should be automatically calculated and inserted based on library settings.
OSUL voted for this! CIR-42 Patron Record Retain Fines Paid information when merging patron records.
OSUL voted for this! CIR-43 Patron Record Add time stamp to payments, waives, or adjustments
* CIR-44 Patron Record Removing override prompt when selecting all items to renew
OSUL voted for this! CIR-47 Patron Record Override all option
* CIR-49 Patron Record Automate the annual LYRCIRC update procedure
OSUL voted for this! CIR-56 Renewals in Staff Client Deprocess reserve items by barcode in the system
* CIR-57 OTHER Enable choice of printed or email receipt at time of checkout
OSUL voted for this! CIR-68 Course Reserves We would like to be able to place holds on hourly loan periods
OSUL voted for this! CIR-70 Course Reserves Column for Number of Renewals in Checked Out tab


OSUL voted for this! CON-03 Circulation Parameters Enable download of complete Loan Rules table in delimited format
* CON-04 Management Information, Create Lists and Statistics Schedule web management reports to run at specified times and be delivered via email to the user


* INN-02 Patron Functions in the WebPac Cancelled requests viewable in patron view of own record
* INN-03 Patron Functions in the WebPac Reading History

Other Programs

OSUL voted for this! OTH-03 Scheduler Allow scheduler to output records by email
* OTH-04 Feed Builder Need a method to immediately render xml file for development, rather than wait 24 hours for cron job to render the xml.

Create Lists & Reports

OSUL voted for this! REP-01 Create Lists Allow searching, sorting, and exporting/listing all fields in attached records for all record types.
OSUL voted for this! REP-02 Create Lists Ability to edit or redo a completed search
OSUL voted for this! REP-06 Create Lists Create a List from a file of indexed data (Record Numbers/ISBNs/Barcodes/etc), or scanned barcodes.
OSUL voted for this! REP-07 Create Lists Allow NOT/DOES NOT Boolean Operators


OSUL voted for this! SER-01 Checkin Automatic sorting of new item records created at serials checkin
OSUL voted for this! SER-02 Checkin Provide the ability to run Create Lists based on checkin box status and export this list
* SER-06 Checkin Ability to view both the order record and checkin card of the same bib record simultaneously.
* SER-11 OTHER Automatically merge holdings when a missing issue is checked in

System Functionality

OSUL voted for this! SYS-02 Extra Feature (e.g. button or option) Spell check in Millennium-Sierra
OSUL voted for this! SYS-05 Extra Functionality Item Record : new Status code for checked out items
* SYS-07 Extra Functionality Make passwords and authorizations management easier
* SYS-13 OTHER Provide a status change date in the item record for other statuses such as missing, mending, damaged, etc.
* SYS-15 OTHER Find and Replace when editing records


* WEB-02 Customization of Display Add feature that allows patron to send an email or SMS confirmation when items are renewed
* WEB-09 My Millennium / My Account Support Responsive Web Design in default Example Sets
OSUL voted for this! WEB-10 My Millennium / My Account Fix HTML to comply with accessibility requirements as mandated by U.S. law
* WEB-12 Navigation and Design Checked Out Items – Indicate Renewal Not Allowed Prior to Request
OSUL voted for this! WEB-14 Navigation and Design Display fine amount accruing but not yet incurred, in addition to displaying fines owed.
OSUL voted for this! WEB-15 Patron record display (checkouts, renew, holds, fines, ILL) Automatically hotlink URLs
OSUL voted for this! WEB-16 Patron record display (checkouts, renew, holds, fines, ILL) Retain marked records beyond the current page
OSUL voted for this! WEB-20 Saving / Printing/ Exporting De-duplicate search results
* WEB-21 Searching, Limiting and Sorting Notification Alert of Expired Card