On Thursday, August 29, an update bundle was installed to the Sierra integrated library system that should resolve the following issue reported by various libraries:

  • A library reports that in Create Lists, the “Use Existing Search” function takes from 1 minute to 4 minutes to load for most users. Sometimes the search never appears, causing the SDA to freeze and require a relaunch. Additionally, accessing functions that use Create Lists is very slow once the user has logged into SDA.
  • Attempts to copy a review file result in an erroneous error message that “max size of destination file is too small for total size of original file.”
  • Cross reference entries selected from a WebPAC search results browse screen are very slow to load and can redirect the user to another results browse screen.
  • By default WebPAC displays a maximum of 32000 results for phrase and keyword searches. This number may be adjusted for phrase searches using the IBROWSE_MAX web option. WebPAC currently ignores both the hard-coded limit and the optional IBROWSE_MAX limit.
  • The Verify Headings compact browse displays only one heading rather than all appropriate headings.
  • Automatic Authority Control Processing operates very slowly.
  • Automatic Authority Control Processing is not updating all headings when it runs overnight.
  • Library staff report that they cannot use Global Update toggle to view MARC 006, 007, or 008.

Please let us know if you have any problems or concerns.

Thank you,

Michelle Gerry & Sue Rahnema