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Welcome to the The Japanese Company Histories (Shashi) Wiki!

The Japanese Company Histories Wiki project is an initiative of the Shashi Interest Group, a group of librarians who, aware of their rich research potential, have been building library collections of Japanese company histories or shashi, and researchers who are using them. Our hope is to use the Shashi Wiki to reach out to others so that more people will become aware of the potential of shashi as sources for studying Japanese history, culture, business, as well as other topics or fields.


Let's Join!

Joining the Shashi Wiki project is easy! Sign up using the Wiki Account Request Form. We welcome contributions from anyone with research interests in Japanese company histories who wants to join us in building this shared resource.

Please also join our discussion group to discuss how to use Shashi for your research, post your question and make announcements. Please send your name and affiliation by an email to the Group manager ( to add you to member list.

Please do not create new categories by yourself. Please use Nikkei Business Classification to determine each category for your entry. Nikkei goo helps you to find more information on companies. If you cannot determine or find category for your entry, please leave it in others.


ディスカッション・グループにも参加して、どのように社史を研究に使うかを話し合ったり、質問をしたり、アナウンスをしたりしましょう。グループマネジャー( に所属とお名前をメールで送ってくだされば、メンバーに追加します。

新しいカテゴリーは出来るだけ独自に作らないようにしてください。自分の投稿がどのカテゴリーに当てはまるのか、長尾文庫目録または日経企業分類(Nikkei Business Classification) を参照してください。またNikkei goo に企業の情報がありますので参考にしてください。もし自分の投稿のカテゴリーを決められない、もしくは見つけられない、という場合は、既存のカテゴリーのいずれかに入れておいてください。

To browse the contents

To browse the contents,


Shashi Interest Group Discussion Group

Please join our Discussion Group to discuss potential of Shashi as sources for studying Japanese history, culture, business and other fields. This is an open discussion group.



Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Wikiに関する情報については、User's Guideを参照してください。