Mangajin No. 56

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Mangajin No.56
Published June 1996
Cover by Kazuko
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16 Japanese Cuisine Goes International

Japanese restaurants have become a part of the American culinary landscape, but how do they compare with restaurants in Japan? Original story by Takashima Mitsuo, translated by Wayne Lammers

58 The Reign of Komuro Tetsuya

A glance at the top ten chart reveals that one man casts a long shadow over the pop music scene in Japan, by Steve McClure


5 Publisher's Note

8 Letters & Bloopers

11 Brand News (Innovative uses of the Japanese language)

What do you call green tea-flavord chocolate?

15 Senryu

Humorous haiku, by the people

62 Book Review

Kono Taeko's short stories are collected in Toddler Hunting, reviewed by Elizabeth Labouseur

63 On the Bookshelf

Recently released books about Japan

64 Computer Corner

Tips for desktop publishing in Japanese, by Andrew Taylor

68 Cooking Corner

Green Tea (otcha) is more than just a beverage, by Robbie Swinnerton

94 Basic Japanese

Dame: Who says the Japanese never say "No"?

100 Pop Japanese

William Marsh examine the language of school rules

101 Vocabulary Summary

102 Classifieds


25 Aji Ichi Monme Ibashi and his date stumble into a little sushi shop of horrors, by Abe Zenta & Kurata Yoshimi

48 Manga Shorts Dining out with Nippon Cha-Cha-Cha (Yamazaki Kosuke), Ajimantei (Ono Shinjiro), and OL Shinkaron (Akizuki Risu)

73 Kochira Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujo Officer Ryotsu volenteers to test a high-tech, electronic briefcase, but..., by Akimoto Osamu

92 Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson