How to Apply

Application Process

1. Contact and meet with a faculty librarian or professional staff member. 

2. Prepare your application materials.

You may wish to use our template to help organize your materials. Click the button below to download the application template as a fillable Word document. 

Applications must include the following: 

  • A cover letter describing academic goals and interests and offering a rationale for the project (1-2 pages). The cover letter should be addressed to Craig Gibson, Chair, Teaching and Learning Committee; The Ohio State University Libraries

  • A research proposal identifying the research question or topic to be investigated; the methods to be used in the research; the product or performance to be created; the timeline and major steps involved in completing the project; and any budget items associated with the project (3-4 pages). As part of the proposal, it should be clear how you will be able to complete the project virtually.

3. Request letters of recommendation.

Two letters of recommendation are required as follows: 

  • A compelling letter of support from the library faculty advisor describing the student’s ability to commit to and complete the project, the advisor's assessment of the student's academic potential, and a general work plan for advising the student during the fellowship period. 

  • A letter of support from an academic advisor who knows the student’s work well, that addresses the student’s interests and ability to meet the requirements of the fellowship.

Faculty support letters should be emailed directly to Craig Gibson at

4. Submit your application.

The application deadline for 2023 will be February 20, 2023. To submit student application materials via email to Craig Gibson (, click the button below: 

Review Criteria 

The selection committee considers faculty letters, the student’s cover letter, GPA, and research proposal when judging submissions.

View the evaluation rubric here

Example Proposal

See this example for more information. 

Register for a Proposal Development Workshop!

This 75-minute workshop will introduce the URLF’s benefits, application and how to develop a research proposal. In this hands-on Zoom session, participants will explore their research interests, begin to define a topic and identify their next steps in reaching out to an advisor.

Dates for spring 2023 workshops are: 

January 31 2023, 1:00-2:15pm REGISTER NOW! 

February 1, 2023, 4:00-5:15pm REGISTER NOW!