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DaNCe2U #mentalhealth

OSUDance, University Libraries, and BalletMet 2 collaborated to create and performance and panel tour that combined dance with community discussion on the topic of campus mental health. Valarie Williams, Professor, Department of Dance, Ambre Emory-Maier, Director of Education at BalletMet, and Mara Frazier, Curator of Dance, researched archival collections at TRI on two dance masterworks, learned the movement from the Labanotation scores, and taught casts of dancers who were then coached by Lorry May of the Sokolow Foundation and Paul Boos of the Balanchine Trust. The tour reached the Lima, Newark, and Marion campuses and Thompson library in free, public performances that sparked community discussion. 

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headshot of Jeanine Thompson, headshot of Jesse Eisenberg, headshot of Lorin Salm
Jeanine Thompson, Jesse Eisenberg, Lorin Salm

Theatre Research Institute Director Jeanine Thompson Interviews actor Jesse Eisenberg and mime coach Lauren Salm

On June 10th, Professor Jeanine Thompson, director of the Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute, interviewed Jesse Eisenberg and Lorin Eric Salm (2020 Theatre Research Institute Award Recipient) in a live-streamed broadcast over Zoom for University Libraries.

Eisenberg starred in the IFC Films biographical drama, Resistance (2020), inspired by the life of Marcel Marceau. Salm coached Eisenberg in mime and provided choreography for the film.

CLICK HERE to visit a page where you can watch the recorded interview.