Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute

Collection Development Policy

The Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute collects:

  • Papers of professional theatre artists active in creative and administrative capacities in the live and recorded performing arts.
  • ¬†Original professional scene, costume, and lighting design.¬† Models are acquired selectively.
  • Popular entertainment including materials on vaudeville, burlesque, repertory companies, tent shows, Uncle Tom's Cabin shows, magic and illusion shows, Chautauqua and Lyceum, puppetry, toy theatre, and carnival.
  • Czech Theatre
  • Dance, Mime and Movement Arts including dance materials documenting the work of choreographers and dancers, the field of dance notation with an emphasis on Labanotation, and mime and movement arts, in particular the work and legacy of Marcel Marceau.
  • Technical Theatre
  • Performing Arts Criticism including the archives of the American Theatre Critics Association, papers of individual critics and writers.
  • Theatre and Film Promotion
  • Organizational Archives including producing organizations and professional associations. New archives will be considered carefully for what they may contribute that is different from the existing holdings.¬†
  • OSU Department of Theatre Production Archives
  • Contemporary Theatre including selectively collected materials documenting contemporary theatre such as the production of works at fringe festivals.

We do not collect:

  • High school and amateur theatrical activities and individual work by current Department of Theatre students.
  • Costumes, stage drops, stage properties, equipment, unsolicited playscripts, commercial sound and video recordings unless the relationship of the material to the collection in which it is received or to existing collections is of primary relevance.