Scholarly Lockers

Scholarly Lockers for faculty and graduate students are located on the 4th floor of the Thompson Library. Lockers are first available at the beginning of the Autumn Semester and are loaned for the Autumn, Spring and Summer Semesters consecutively.

Scholarly Lockers are allocated through a lottery system. Applications will be accepted the first full week of Autumn Semester. Recipients will be notified the second week of classes. Any lockers not dispersed during the initial lottery will be allocated on a “first-come/first-served” basis throughout the school year. Scholarly Locker keys must be returned by the end of Summer Semester to avoid fines and/or replacement charges.

Application for Lottery

Applications for scholarly lockers are available at the Thompson Circulation Desk or patrons may submit an Online Application for the initial allocation of Scholarly Lockers. After the initial lottery, only the Online Application will be available. OSU Libraries faculty and staff are not eligible to enter the locker lottery.

Restrictions on Use

  • Please do not store valuables in lockers. The Library is not responsible for personal property or damage to anything placed in lockers.
  • All library materials must be checked out before being placed in lockers.
  • Periodicals, reference materials, and other non-circulating materials may not be kept in lockers.  
  • Food and Beverages may not be kept in lockers.

Lockers are subject to inspection by library staff without notice and a $2.00 per item fee will be assessed for any prohibited material found in lockers. A $25.00 cleaning fee will be assessed to any assignee that leaves a locker in a state that requires cleaning. The Library reserves the right to revoke locker assignment if the locker is determined to have been improperly used or for failure to follow locker policy.

Scholar Lockers on the fourth floor of Thompson Library
Scholar Lockers on the 4th floor of Thompson Library