Excerpted from Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone. Copyright © 2009 by Eduardo Galeano. Translation copyright © 2009 by Mark Fried. Published by Nation Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group. First published in the Spanish language as Espejos by Siglio XXI Editores (Spain and Mexico) and Ediciones del Chanchito (Uruguay) in 2008. By permission of Susan Bergholz Literary Services, New York, NY and Lamy, NM. All rights reserved.

Gombrich, E.H.. A Little History of the World. Trans. Caroline Mustill. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2005.

Book from which the White River Sioux story is adapted:
Erdoes, Richard and Alfonso Ortiz, eds. “ The End of the World (White River Sioux).” American Indian Myths and Legends. New York: Pantheon Books, 1984, 485-486.

Illustration Ann Hamilton, reading – Francis, 2007


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Color Text Incorporated | Fabrication
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Jones Commercial Flooring, LLC | Installation
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Ohio Percent for Art Projects

In 1990, the Ohio Legislature, recognizing the state’s responsibility to foster culture and the arts and to encourage the development of artists and craftspeople, established the Ohio Percent for Art Program. The program provides funds for the acquisition, commissioning and installation of works of art for new or renovated public buildings that receive appropriations of more than $4 million from the State of Ohio. For these projects the law provides that one percent of the total appropriation will be allocated for the purchase of permanent public art. Since the legislation went into effect over 112 projects have been completed. Those projects have brought public art into many cities and small communities around Ohio