Graphic designer Milton Glaser, designer of the iconic ‘I ❤️ NY’ logo has passed away. What does he have to do with Bob Dylan? What does he have to do with the World Trade Center? What does he have to do with the TRI Collections? The TRI holds a few pieces of dishware that he designed including a Tea Cup and Saucer set, for the Windows on the World Restaurant that was at the top of the World Trade Center. We have these in the Carrie Robbins Collection because Carrie designed the uniforms and other items for that restaurant. Connections and intersections! Dr. Kattelman, seeing this special intersection of his life with the TRI Collection, asked me to share it with everyone.

Milton Glaser, the groundbreaking graphic designer who adorned Bob Dylan’s silhouette with psychedelic hair and summed up his feelings for his native New York with “I ❤️ NY,” designed in the back seat of a taxi in 1977, died Friday, his 91st birthday. In posters, logos, advertisements and book covers, Glaser’s ideas captured the spirit of the 1960s with a few simple colors and shapes.
Glaser had done design work for the restaurants at the destroyed World Trade Center complex. His 1966 illustration of Dylan, the face a simple black silhouette but the hair sprouting in a riot of colors, put into graphic form the 1960s philosophy that letting your hair fly free was a way to free your mind. (For him, though, it wasn’t a drug-inspired image: He said he borrowed from Marcel Duchamp and Islamic art.)
The poster was inserted in Dylan’s “Greatest Hits” album, so it made its way into the hands of millions of fans.
“It was a new use of the poster — a giveaway that was supposed to encourage people to buy the album,” Glaser told the New York Times in 2001. “Then it took on a life of its own, showing up in films, magazines, whatever. It did not die, as such forms of ephemera usually do.” From the New Yorker we learn that he designed an AIDs poster for the World Health Organization, in 1987, a blue skull forms in the overlap between two red hearts, below the slogan “A worldwide effort will stop it.” In 2014, he launched a campaign about climate change, attempting to shift our vocabulary: “It’s not warming, it’s dying.” The icon is a circle with a gradient from black at the top to a sliver of sickly green at the bottom. It’s nauseating, as it should be. He was man of his times, dedicated to changing his times,

For those unfamiliar with Carrie Robbins this is her brief bio:

As of 2019, Carrie Robbins (February 7, 1943-) is an American costume designer based in New York City. Following her graduation from the Yale School of Drama with her Masters of Fine Arts, she has designed costumes for more than thirty Broadway shows, including the original theatrical production of Grease, Sweet Bird of Youth featuring Lauren Bacall; Happy End starring Meryl Streep, and Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, which required the design of over 300 costumes. Robbins has also designed costumes for many regional theater productions, the television show Saturday Night Live, several operas, and The Cincinnati Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. She taught costume design at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts for many years as well.

Robbins has also worked as a restaurant designer for several restaurants in the New York City area, primarily the Rainbow Room and Windows on the World (formerly located at the top of One World Trade Center). Her restaurant work includes many varied designs such as staff uniforms, holiday decor, basic graphic design work, and items for the restaurants’ gift shops.

Please see the full article on Milton Glaser whose iconic forms are still so very visible in our world.