In March the TRI made a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio to share some tech theatre artifacts with the attendants of the national conference for the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT). The exhibition, Tech Treasures from the Ohio State University Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute, was curated by Beth Kattelman and was mounted with the support of the University Libraries and the Ohio State University Theatre Department.




The mounting of this traveling exhibition was a real team effort, combining the talents of several theatre students—Shane Cinal (exhibition designer), Zach Bailey and Zac Cooper, in particular–and faculty from two OSU campuses–Dan Matthews, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Design (Lima campus) and Brad Steinmetz, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Design (Columbus campus). The exhibition proved extremely popular with USITT attendees, who especially enjoyed the interactive pose slide display, which featured projections of magic lantern slides from the Joel E. Rubin collection. The pose display allowed visitors to see what they might look like if they were featured in a “pose plastique” entertainment. [For more information on pose plastiques read Prof. Mervyn Heard’s essay, “Dressed in Light”!research-page/c21jb ]


Student, Zac Cooper, appears “in his boudoir” courtesy of the interactive pose slide board

The exhibition featured items from over twelve different TRI collections, including artifacts from the Joel E. Rubin Collection, the William Barclay Collection, the Daphne Dare Collection, the Nancy Walker Collection, the Toy Theatre Collection, the Frederick D. Pfening Collection, the Sylvia Westerman Collection, the Curtiss Showprint Collection, the Gerald Kahan Collection Mircea Marosin Collection, the Tony Straiges Design Collection, the Robert W. Wagner Cinema Collection, the Magic and Conjuring Collection, and the Artist Photograph Collection. The exhibit was visited by hundreds of people throughout the course of the three-day showcase, including several Ohio State students, faculty and alumni, who also participated in celebrating the installment of Mark Shanda, OSU Dean of Arts and Humanities, as the newest president of USITT at a special Ohio State get together.


TRI Director, Mary Tarantino, TRI Curator, Nena Couch and Curator of Theatre, Beth Kattelman pose with set designs and a model from the William Barclay Collection.