Sharon Marcus, the first Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute Fellow, is now in residence, exploring what she characterizes as TRI’s “exceptionally rich collection” of scrapbooks from the second half of  the nineteenth through the first third of the twentieth centuries. The  Orlando Harriman Professor at Columbia University, Professor Marcus was the keynote speaker at last year’s British Women Writers Conference here  at OSU, and is a leading scholar in 19th- and 20th-century literary and  cultural studies. Currently she is doing research for a book on the  legendary French actress Sarah Bernhardt, examining her understanding of  celebrity, her skill at combining acting and authorship, and her  ability to unite live presence with visual and written representations.  Noting that the TRI scrapbooks reveal the passions of ordinary  theatregoers, Professor Marcus has so far found within them records of  Bernhardt’s many visits to Ohio theatres, as well as insights into the  scrapbookers themselves — an aficionado whose album juxtaposed  Bernhardt with several other actresses of her day; a tourist who  attended an astounding variety of performances during a season in  Europe; and a Philadelphia music teacher who recorded over ten years of  theatre attendance.

The Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute  Visiting Research Fellowship is awarded annually, and is supported  through the Jerome Lawrence Endowed Fund.