Over the past few days a significant number of iPad users have been left staring at blank App Store app update screens. It appears Apple is aware of the problem. How people have worked around the issue have been all over the board and no one solution works for everyone.

While some have been able to solve the problem and update their apps through manually updating apps under the Purchased button option. Some have fixed it by changing the language option. For many others, the system just fixes itself over time.

I tried most of the fixes and they did not work for me. However, I came across this suggested fix and it did work on the two iPad’s I tried, so I wanted to share…

  1. Kill the App Store app
  2. In settings, set side switch to rotate lock
  3. Make sure rotate is unlocked
  4. Turn iPad horizontal so side switch side is up
  5. Lock, and when icon fades, unlock
  6. With iPad still horizontal, launch App Store app
  7. Select the App Store app Update button

Again, this may or not work for you, but while it seems strange, it did work for me.

-Eric Schnell