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New Series: Takeaways from the Minnesota Institute

Washington Avenue Bridge at the University of Minnesota

Recently, I had the invaluable opportunity to participate in the Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarians from Traditionally Underrepresented Groups (Minnesota Institute). This program, hosted by the University of Minnesota every two years, provides participants the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in grant writing, academic research, and most notably leadership training.

During the week-long Institute, I came across many insights, “aha moments” and thought provoking ideas that I kept thinking colleagues back at Ohio State would also find fascinating.

Because there is too much to share in just one post, I am breaking up the takeaways in a series of posts.

Over the next few weeks I will cover the following topics from the Minnesota Institute that I found personally and professionally valuable:

-Emotional Intelligence

-Good Stress/Bad Stress, Eustress/Distress


-Value of a Personal Network

-Crafting a Personal Vision

I hope you too will find a takeaway that is personally or professionally meaningful. As always, feel free to share your own experiences, “aha moments,” or insights with these topics in the comments.

Happy reading!

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  1. Looking forward to this series.

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