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Happy Birthday, Sarah Piatt!

19th century painting of a party

“Hip, Hip, Hurrah!”  Peder Severin Krøyer, 1888 (Gothenburg Mus. of Art)

We recognize today the 1836 birth of poet Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt.  Born in Kentucky, she married into the Piatt family in 1861, whose castles in West Liberty,  Ohio are a popular tourist destination ( http://www.piattcastles.org/ ).  The Rare Books and Manuscripts Library holds a valuable collection of research material on Piatt as well as original published versions of her poems in books and newspapers, making it a destination for Piatt scholars. Contact rarebooks@osu.edu for more details about the collections, and watch this space for announcements about two digitization projects currently underway.

On this special anniversary therefore, we claim her as our own, and raise a glass to her memory!


  1. Wish you very very happy birthday Sarah Morgan Bryan your are such a great poet


  2. @ Lisa

    Happy Birthday beautiful lady “Sarah Piatt, Bryan”.


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