To enthusiastic fans, football program covers are often seen as simply the holder for the precious information inside.  However, throughout the years, artists have produced program covers that celebrate the game, the team, the fans, and the university. Two notable contributors were Frederick Machetanz (1908-2002) and James Thurber (1895-1961). Machetanz was a former OSU student, who drew football program covers to help finance his education. After he graduated from OSU with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Fine Arts, he continued to contribute to OSU football program covers from his home in Alaska until 1939. Thurber was best known as a humor writer and artist. He attended OSU from 1914-1917 during which he was the editor for the student newspaper, The Lantern, as well as the editor-in-chief for the student humor magazine, The Sundial.

November 19, 1938

by Frederick Machetanz

November 21, 1936

by James Thurber

October 22, 1910
October 26, 1910
October 21, 1922
November 13, 1924
November 14, 1925
October 22, 1927
October 18, 1930
November 17, 1934
November 23, 1968